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KAXI Sleep Silk Satin Scrunchies (Three Colors)

KAXI Sleep Silk Satin Scrunchies (Three Colors)

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The easiest way to improve hair health? Sleep in a kaxi sleep scrunchie! This scrunchie has significantly more material than a normal sized scrunchie which protects your hair all night long. They are specifically designed to sleep in because of the soft silk/satin blend material it is made of. Silk helps hair retain natural hair oils, and also helps minimize tangling, and breakage while tossing and turning at night. Sleep with it in a LOOSE low pony, side braid, or high pony/bun above your head as you sleep. 

Because there is so much fabric around the elastic it’s not only protecting it from the elastic, but it’s also helping minimize any harsh creading so you can wake up, and go with the same style you had the day before. Especially with curls!! 

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