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KAXI Everyday Hair Oil

KAXI Everyday Hair Oil

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Finally, an everyday hair oil that doesn't leave your hair greasy, flat, or heavy. 

When formulating these were our must haves when it came to this oil: 

  • a lightweight formula that doesn't feel heavy on thin or thick hair. 
  • use it every single day without making your hair greasy. especially around those front pieces that generally have the most damage. 
  • clean ingredients!! sulfate, paraben, and phthalates free.
  • no animal testing. 'hopping bunny' certified!
  • an added heat protectant to protect your hair from those hot tools. 
  • a fresh, but not overwhelming scent. 
  • a thicker consistency so you don't have a concentrated runny amount of product when applying. 
  • colorless! won't tint your natural or synthetic hair. 
  • works with both natural hair, and all types of extensions. the hair literally DRINKS it up. 
  • leaves your hair with shine! 
  • can be used on dry or damp hair.
  • any excess can safely and beautifully be rubbed into your skin. 
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